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By the Bog of Cats

by Marina Carr

directed by abbey fera

Technical director Gerry Polland

uil oap

Loosely based on Euripides’ tragedy Medea, this is the prophetic tale of Hester Swane, an Irish Traveller, who attempts to come to terms with a lifetime of abandonment in a world where all whom she has loved have discarded her. Set on the bleak, ghostly landscape of the Bog of Cats, this provocative drama discloses one woman’s courageous attempts to lay claim to that which is hers, as her world is torn in two. At the age of seven, Hester was abandoned on the side of the bog by her wild and fiercely independent mother, Big Josie Swane. Hester has spent a lifetime waiting for Big Josie to return. To compound her sense of abandonment, Hester’s long-term lover, Carthage Kilbride, with whom she has a seven-year-old daughter, is selling her “down the river” for the promise of land and wealth through a marriage with the local big farmer’s daughter. Alone and dejected, Hester has no one to whom she can turn except the local misfits, Monica Murray and the Catwoman. As ever in Carr’s dramas, the small community is populated by richly woven characters—from the outrageous, stultifying mother of the groom, Mrs. Kilbride, to the brutal and mercenary farmer, Xavier Cassidy. In the final moments of the action, we witness a woman provoked beyond the limits of human endurance. BY THE BOG OF CATS is a furious, uncompromising tale of greed and betrayal, of murder and profound self-sacrifice.



Alice in Wonderland

by lewis carroll

directed by abbey fera

technical director: gerry poland

january 17-19 2019

The well known story of Alice of Wonderland is a childrens comedy show about a girl, Alice, who falls down a rabbit hole while chasing a rabbit. She then gets stuck in world of Wonderland. She now has to search for a way out in unfamiliar territory with the help of her new friends, while trying to avoid upsetting the Queen of Hearts. Will Alice be able to keep her head long enough to make it home for her birthday party? Only one way to find out!



Goldilocks On Trial

by Ed Monk

directed by abbey fera

Technical director Gerry Poland

october 11-13 2019

Goldilocks is on trial for breaking and entering. Will she be found guilty and sent to prison, or will the truth come out? It's up to Judge Wallabee and some very silly jurors to decide, after hearing testimony from Goldee, the bickering Three Bears, and surprise witness Merwin the Big Bad Wolf, among others...



While the Lights Were Out

by Jack sharkey

directed by abbey fera

Technical director gerry poland

september 27-29 2018

While the Lights were Out is a murder mystery/comedy that takes place in present day Britain. In it, Clive Wickenham and his wife Monica Wickenham invite several guests over to have a dinner party, but are surprised to have a visit from Inspector Benjamin Bradock and Sargent Alma Threedle about a mysterious note. Later the lights go out in a power surge and when they come back on they see a murder has been committed. Now they ask themselves, what happened when the lights were out?

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